Never Gold

Shapeless new jagments will loop-circle you
Prox-maddingly and maught
Fadingmark photos
Skew greensmokely blue
Mothled then mooted, but strill
Muffled, muted
Muddled, but mute
Modded, mooted
then strill
So Strill, thy mund, so Strill
Startled new slothdaws claw ribbons indrood
Scattered just-wide-long-unplant
Tuned-to then turned too
Eyed quicksandy brew
Seedling stone melding, and rampt
Seething, then seeming, but strill
Sawthing, seeding
Sawthed, no seed
Settled, sooted
then drill
Zo Drill, my lumb, zo drill
Poortranded, frame-led, near-painting skipt
Roughline and char-tempt onseen
Laneback fall trudge-lit
Skews smoke-reedly green
Then seldom are neen
(‘Twas brillig, my Toven, ’twas brill!)

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